Monday, November 05, 2007

My "After" Picture

OK, so I never really want to hear how bad the pictures are that I post of other people because I'm totally going to post a doozy of myself. And then make a shameful confession.

So I was begging for bloggers to stop by to see me. Unless you count Mary and Frances who actually work with me at Leisure Arts and were a part of the white shirt team and Emilie Richards who is a total star and should count for several readers, I had not one true rock star moment. So...I sort of went one step further. In addition to Emilie's books and the Boutique items, we were also promoting the Ireland book (with a free calendar), a book so totally near and dear to my heart. Part of the sales pitch on it might even feature my name as the lucky girl who got to go on the trip. And my own pitch consisted of something like how it was my first job as a professional photographer. And that's sort of true. And get this...Janina asked me to sign her book AND let me take her picture. I couldn't believe it. I don't even know what I signed either. I got to sign another book as well, but I was too far gone for pictures at that point...meaning the makeup that I slapped on bleary eyed in the morning had completely slid off my face, not that my head was too big for the picture.

So I basically pandered for attention. I'm not as used to doing that as some other people I know. But as it totally worked in my favor, I may try it again!


Regina said...

Wow - giving out autographs! Doesn't that feel great! It only takes that little seed for your fame to spread!!! Keep up the great photography -and who knows??? Someday YOU may be the guest that everyone storms the door for!!

Jane who? said...

Hey. Was that a poke?