Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Excuse me...

...but is tomorrow a holiday or something? Just kidding. I know it's a holiday. Here's how...completely empty hallways at work, about 6 cars in the parking lot, no traffic on the roads, and Mundane Jane's posting about buying a turkey (and I feel her pain and am inspired for my upcoming feast challenge). And it's not that I don't have plenty to be thankful for. I know I do. I just wish I could celebrate it in some other manner than cooking. That just totally dampens my thanksgiving-ness. This is my "You mean I have to cook to celebrate this here holiday?" face. And I don't even have to run the turkey-buying gauntlet until Christmas dinner time.

So today I'm just going to focus on skipping up and down the hallways without an audience. Admit's totally fun without all the people...just me, yarn, needles, books, and office supplies (and Cathy, but she won't be here all day to keep me under control). Tomorrow's troubles (in the form of a side and 2 desserts) will come soon enough!

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