Friday, December 21, 2007

The difference of 3 hours

Yesterday I left a little early and I had 3 extra hours. Those extra hours are always great but at Christmas time...they're a lifesaver! I had this conversation with my brother about Christmas stress. It was Tuesday. I called to confirm the details of the Christmas extravaganza at my house next Tuesday. No matter that the details do not change, it always seems to be a great surprise when I pick exactly the same time and set up as we used last year. I digress. So we're talking about the gifts we've gotten (in my case) or still have to get. He said he'd planned to go out and get 2 or 3 things and then he'd feel so much better, really let some of that stress go. And in my mind, I'm thinking...unkind thoughts. I sort of did the same thing yesterday. I went to the grocery store first thing (because I hate it so and I always take my medicine first). And I had the barest list. My main focus...the turkey. I was employing his tactics...get what I have to take a little pressure off, then worry about the rest later. I still managed to fill a buggy so full that the elderly people also in the grocery store on Thursday afternoon (it must have been double coupons or something and it's a good thing I wasn't in a hurry or anything because I spent half my time searching for corn starch to help one lady (who obviously is not a good judge of cooks) and reaching things on eye-level shelves for another...and I guess Christmas makes me mean) looked both impressed and worried. And I'll have to go back to get the stuff I forgot.

And then I attacked the mountain of laundry building in my bedroom. It was ugly. It had to be done. I was afraid I was going to have to wear a Halloween costume to work today to be decently covered.

I still have a long list because my house has to be cleaned, food bought and cooked, presents bought and wrapped...but it did really help my mental outlook to at least have a turkey in my refrigerator. I went the old-fashioned way. I'm smart, have no need for corn starch, can reach all the shelves in the grocery store, capable, independent woman. Surely I can handle that turkey without poisoning my family. I guess we'll see!

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