Friday, December 14, 2007

I can't make this stuff up

Really, I just can't. While we were having our department Christmas breakfast, there was a repairman working on the air in my office. For months I have had a steady cool breeze. I guess I was numb, but I did finally get tired of hearning, "Man, it's cold in your office. It's 10 degrees cooler in here than it is in the hallway." That and the bundling up in coats finally got to me. And I called my source over in the all-powerful and extremely-nice-to-work-with Buidling Maintenance area. I think he was so glad that I was calling for some other reason than to say that his wife had found another stray that just had to go home that he pulled extra strings to help me out. Anyway, on the breakfast morning, the repair man came. And he worked. And he worked. On a ladder in my doorway. And he worked. And I think he fixed it. It now longer sounds like a whooshing wind in here and I work in my normal bundle that keeps me warm in all areas of the building. Success. The funny part comes in the hanging warning notice that was outside my office. Funny because...1. I was totally oblivious and just kept on working. I was probably a fireball waiting to happen. And 2. because of what it said. It's probably the first time I ever warned anybody that my work was that hot.

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Regina said...

At least you don't work in a health club?! Did the sign stay up even when he was done?

My climate problem is the opposite - with 11 computers, 2 servers, 2 VHS units and 2 printers in my area - it stays HOT and I wear short sleeves in the dead of a NY winter. I could only wish for some cool air in here.

And the static? OY!