Monday, December 17, 2007

Making a list

For various reasons, I tend to treat Christmas the way I treat other things I don't really want to handle...I ignore it. And this works for approximately 51 weeks out of the year. Unfortunately I have just entered the 1 week of the year that it all comes crashing down around my ears. Christmas is now looming. Looming, I tell you. So I guess it's just about time to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get moving. To this point, I have put a Christmas tree up. Period. Well, I have also successfully jumped all the co-worker gift hurdles. That is the majority of my Christmas shopping so that's good. The LOOMING part...I'm cooking Christmas dinner again. And it went just fine last year when I was studying like a maniac and finishing up an MBA. I postponed all required shopping and cooking until approximately the same time, the week before the holiday.

The weekend I made a dent in my gift shopping. And I managed to approach it in a meditative state where I did not shout once at being cut off in traffic or having someone cut in line. In response to grunts and/or stony silence, I thanked surly retail workers sweetly and continued on my way. It truly is a Christmas miracle. That's my favorite part of the holiday. Now I have to look forward to food shopping. And cooking. And cleaning. As I'm certain we all know how I feel about that, here's my plan:
1. Interrogate Mundane Jane about purchasing a cooked turkey. I really think I can cheerfully handle the rest of the meal if I just had that turkey taken care of.
2. Turn my focus away from the coming cooking marathon of the holiday. I shall focus on the Christmas story and Christmas music and the coming Christmas vacation for the rest of the week.

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