Thursday, December 13, 2007

Inside the stocking...

I'm sure you're anxious to find out what was actually in that stocking, right? Nary a piece of coal. Not one. I've been a fairly good girl this year. So here are a few photos of the innards of the stocking. The large package that was hanging from it had the doily in it. Pretty, right? And the tree has all my new ornaments hanging. And the next picture is of my new gang sign. Yes, I'm wearing a "Chicks with Sticks" button. And then look at my new Willow Tree Nativity. I told a story at lunch one day about liking the set...and Santa (or a very cool group of my friends) brought it! How cool is that?

Definitely worth the cooking.

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Regina said...

Love the gang sign - and the nativity! Willow Tree is one of my favorites! Next you all need to make 50's style letter sweaters with that on the back, or satin jackets (like in Grease?!)