Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My secret craft project...

Also known as "the reason the brown sweater is still folded neatly in the corner."

So I mentioned that we had this stocking thing going so I needed something fabu-outstanding for my contribution. For 11 people. Some are yarn people. Some are fabric people. Some are both. And I also wanted to get them real gifts too. On my budget. So I turn to the internet...the keeper of all things useful, right? And I'm searching quilt gifts, and knit gifts, and gifts for quilters, and gifts for knitters, and yarn gifts...etc. Somewhere in all the searching, this tutorial for covering tape measures comes up on Whip Up (and if you don't make it to, you should definitely check it out). And this occurs about 6 o'clock on Saturday evening. And I'm so excited I can't stand it. I get all excited and rush into Little Rock...and in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby...I realize...I don't have my purse. I have my debit card. But no purse. No driver's license. To get home. About 20 miles away. I do my best to shrug it off, go in, and purchase all the tape measures to be had at Hobby Lobby. And I drive home. Very carefully.

So when I start to make the tape measure covers, I have to make some adjustments because the tutorial calls for felted wool. I only have fabric. But here's what I did: measure the tape measure, scour the house for round things in those measurements, trace and cut those round things on fabric, make yo-yos out the top fabric (the bigger circle that was cut twice the diameter of the size of the tape measure), sew button to yo-yo (I did not do this when I was taking the pictures but I learned my lesson the hard way), and then sew top to bottom. For some of them, I stuffed the top as the tutorial said, and on some I didn't (the later it got, the more corners I cut, you know what I mean?). And the edges and tabs were supposed to be covered. Also didn't make it that far. But I did get 16 done. That's not too bad. Here are my photos of the steps, taken late at night which seems to be when I do all my crafting. And that's probably why it turns out the way it does. I should probably try daylight.


Quilting Cindy said...

Very cute.

Regina said...

At least you had your debit card AND YOUR HOUSE KEY!!!!

Turned out very cute - what a great idea. I missed that one on whipup - will have to go back and find it.