Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reason to cook

We all know how I feel about the cooking. "Cook" is a 4-letter word in the same family as "wash" and "dust" and is to be avoided at most any cost. Of course, holidays mean potlucks. I work in an office, I belong to a Sunday school class, I have to cook around a holiday. I usually don't like it.

I discovered an excellent reason to cook. Gifts make a difference. We're having our department Christmas thing...a breakfast potluck. I Heart Breakfast. If I have to cook, I want to cook breakfast. Of course, I made a fruit salad which barely counts. But I did have to chop. I waited until I got to work. I really shoudn't chop unsupervised. I still have all 10 fingers so things are looking up!

In my new, bigger multi-talented department, we hung stockings. Look at my stocking! Yeah! And wrapping paper! Yeah!
I can't wait to see what's inside. It makes all the cooking seem worthwhile. And a little of the crafting. I'll post on that tomorrow. Nothing turns out the way I imagine (mainly because I start too late and run out of time and then I just have to do the best I can because it's too late to do anything else.) That's not really my fault, right?

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