Monday, February 04, 2008

The hat plan

You know how sometimes you make plans and stick to them? And sometimes you don't? OK, maybe that's just me. When we finished up Knitting for Noggins, I had a plan to make 1 hat a month for the next year so that I'd have a decent contribution. I wasn't alone. Other people made plans too. I know of one person who is right on track to crochet a hat a month. And another who makes a hat every time she finishes a project. And considering how many projects she actually finishes, that could be a considerable number. For me to have a good collection of hats, I'm going to have to stick to the "one-a-month" plan because I don't finish enough (although the brown sweater is finished. I just have no evidence.) By that calculation, I should have 4 hats.

I'm already behind. No new projects until I have 3 more hats...maybe.
These are the 2 I finished up this weekend. I started another that may never see the light of day (my intarsia...not so good. This hat is pretty well ventilated.)

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