Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Capitol

After my jaunt down to the River Market, I decided to see if I could get any great pictures of the state capitol building. It was a popular place with several out-of-town visitors who stopped me to ask questions. That will make you feel dumb. I've lived here all my life and I couldn't tell you much about the capitol. Here's what Wikipedia says about construction:

The Arkansas State Capitol Building, located in Little Rock, is the seat of government of the state of Arkansas.
The exterior of the Capitol is made of limestone, which was quarried in Batesville, Arkansas. Total construction cost was $2.2 million with today’s value of the building being $320 million. The front entrance doors are made of bronze, which are 10 feet (3 metres) tall, four inches (10 cm) thick and were purchased from Tiffany's in New York for $10,000. The cupola is covered in 24 karat gold leaf.

I included the picture of the "stairs of death" just to show you how dangerous a place it can be. I've only fallen down them once but it's an experience you don't forget. It's easy to miss a step. A limestone step.

(Edited after re-telling the story of missing the step and sliding down to the bottom on my rear...limestone does not equal granite. Sorry. I'm not up on my marble, limestone, and granite definitions or really anything that requires geology.)

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