Thursday, April 03, 2008

Darcy on Thursday

Someone sent me a link to the Dogs On Thursday blog...which is basically what it sounds like...if you have dogs, love dogs, you post about dogs on Thursday. I have a dog. It's Thursday (and I need a post and I just happen to have funny picture of Darcy). I've told my friends about her being camera shy. The last picture is what I get a lot of when I pull out the camera. Somehow I managed to get her pre-head turn this time. And in the manner of every mother who thinks her kid's the cutest, it cracks me up.

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pat sloan said...

ok .. that's it.. FIRST adorable Wishbone..NOW Darcy with 'the look'... just how cute are these babies!!

I want BOTH of them in the office when I visit..and Debra's dogs .. yes BOTH the girls.. and Jean's.. yes it must be THURSDAY DOG DAY when I visit!

me... pat.. the dogless woman