Friday, April 04, 2008

Dark and Stormy

I actually started this post yesterday when the drive to work in torrential rain was a minor enough incovenience, except for the accident blocking all 3 lanes of the interstate. I was going to make some remarks about Arkansas' monsoon season, which we appear to be in. And I was going to post this Snoopy cartoon.

And then it got serious. Here's what one what news report says about recent conditions:

Over the past two months, parts of Arkansas have endured an EF4 tornado during a storm outbreak that killed 13, a foot of snow, upward of a foot of rain and near-record flooding.

Last night it was tornadoes, today it's flooding. I don't see danger really until it's right there, facing me. Last night, I tried to sleep through it. I live in an area of Arkansas that is in the usual path of tornadoes. I almost always have. Sometimes I do the right thing and head for interior rooms, etc. And I did last night. Eventually.

I know that God watches out for me. Last night, He used friends to get me moving. I don't remember when I got the first call, but to that point...I had no idea I was in danger. When they explained to me how close the tornado damage was, it was say the least. Of course, the sirens had stopped so I went back to bed...and then I got the next call. And heard more sirens. I got motivated at that point...started throwing shoes out of the closet so that I could lure Darcy in the closet and we stayed there until the sirens finally went off and stayed off.

The interstate going into Little Rock was closed this morning due to a reported 2 feet of water. They were rescuing people in boats who thought they could make it. Until they couldn't. That probably would have been me if I hadn't been behind all the traffic. So...I'm safe and even better, I know that people are watching out for me. And God knows I need all the help I can get!

And one more thing...I realized today how lucky I am to work at a place where we build real friendships. People who call to check on you, offer to help, miss you when you're not around. I don't think you can find that just anywhere! I don't remember how many calls I got last night between family and friends, but I'm so thankful for every one. Darcy's just not a big talker, especially when I've lured her into a closet, so it was good to have someone to talk to.

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Regina said...

So glad to hear you and Darcy "weathered" the storm ok - those storms are so unpredictable and crazy!