Monday, May 12, 2008

2 words: Sedation dentistry

So I'm late with the post again today. I had to master the urge to curse before I could enter my ladylike post. I had a root canal with some extra goodies thrown in and I'm just now recovered enough to laugh about it. I have determined that root canals are very bad ideas. I do not, however, have a better solution, other than turning back the hands of time. 3 questions came to mind:
1. They were sure quick on the draw with the Kleenex for my often to people need hankies in the dentist's office? I try to maintain a stoic facade in the chair. Am I all alone? Maybe that's why the endodontist kept giving me "atta girls."
2. Why do they listen to a radio station with so many dentist commercials? I'm not sure that's a great idea...sedation dentistry sounds mighty good to me right now, especially since I'm facing some highly unsedated dentistry.
3. Is it really unclear how I feel? WHY KEEP ASKING ME HOW I FEEL??? You'd think the wad of used Kleenex and stiff upper lip would be enough to answer that question...

That's probably enough on that subject. I'm currently open to suggestions on other options to teeth. They seem to cause lots of trouble.

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Sarah in Houston said...

The worst part of root canals for me is the jaw pain from keeping my mouth open so WIDE for so LONG. Yuck!
Sarah in Houston