Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How old are you in Wii years?

The name of this photo is "wii-bowling-old-people" and I remain convinced that you can find anything on the internets if you look hard enough. I wanted some display of what the screen looks like when you do the Wii fitness test thingy...but I should probably back up because I am certain there are friends around who don't know Wii. To them, it's sorta like a video game thingy. Actually, it is a video game thingy (technical terms) but way more. See? Old people play it too.

And I have joined the ranks of old people. After hearing this one and that one talk about playing Guitar Hero and Bowling and how the old folks centers are using it for fitness, that's all I needed to justify it in my brain. I have a Wii. My Wii age: 80. I blame that more on the technology than actual fitness (although I sorta feel 80 today.) I currently have a bad case of Bowling Elbow and Super Mario thumb. I expect both to improve.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the Wii age. My first time I was 60--which made me feel really bad. A week later I was 55; good, since that's my age. It has motivated me to work out. I love my Wii--both the fit and the other games.