Friday, May 09, 2008

Time to recharge

I decided yesterday that my only real hobby is reading...I only read about quilting, knitting, crochet instead of doing. Right now, I blame that on exercise. When I finally make it home, I've lost all will to craft. I turn on the t.v., flop on the couch, and ache. Before I left yesterday, I was talking with Mary and through a Martha show connection, we made it to a discussion of Amazon's e-book reader, the Kindle. I Heart Amazon. I really, really do. Really. I already visit frequently and I've managed to maintain a superficial interest in the $399 Kindle. I'm kind of an electronic doo-dad and gadget fan anyway but usually it takes someone else to have one before I just gotta get my own. Until yesterday.

Now I want one. I actually went in to see what kinds of titles are available. And now I want one. Thanks, Mary.

I have to work out in my head how to justify it...less space devoted to books means less clutter, less housekeeping, more room for fabric...I'll get there eventually.

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Jane who? said...

Maybe we could work out some sort of joint ownership arrangement. I want one also, but can't justify the expense unless I can ride it to work.