Monday, October 13, 2008

I'd Rather Be Fishing

Well, not really, but I would rather be sitting at the end of the dock, just like I was about this time (really, no matter what time it is, I didn't do much more than sit and stare and breathe) on Monday. It was perfect. For everyone who asked "What are you going to do on your vacation?" and looked slightly dissatisfied with my open-ended answer, this is what I did:

1. Sat on a deck overlooking the lake, listening to waves and wind and boats and trees and ducks people.
2. Walked my dog. A lot. Uphill. We went down the hill to swim (she swam, I was on the other end of the leash) and then a-l-l-l-l the way back up the hill. Over and over.
3. Swatted mosquitoes.
4. Watched movies.
5. Read books.
6. A little cross stitch.
7. Visited a couple of my favorite places in Hot Springs, including Garvan Woodland Gardens...on a sunny day! I know. I was shocked too. It seems like I only pick overcast days to go.
8. Ate like it was going out of style.
9. Wrote a little bit, just to see if I still could.
10. Did not think about work. Once. At all. Never.

All in all, so many of my favorite activities were only improved by doing them on a deck overlooking the lake. Of course, it was not without a price (Ok, even more than the charge to my credit card). Tomorrow I'll show you the cabin. "Rustic" is the right word. I think I know at least one person who wouldn't have stuck it out, but Darcy and I, we're tougher than that.

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