Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little House in the Big Woods

Anybody else recognize that? I admit, when I first walked into this cabin that was supposed to safely house me for four nights, I did have a little Laura Ingalls feeling. All that was missing was snow and howling in the distance. Well, except for the electricity, plumbing, and pumping window unit air conditioner. Maybe it was more of a Green Acres kinda feeling. Any time check-in means finding the cabin with your name taped on the door because the key is inside, I get a little worried. Wood outside, wood walls, wood floor, it was woodsy. And small, but that's a good thing. As we had a rollicking storm the second or third night I was there, I did determine that it was soundly constructed. And the spider webs added a protective shield as well. Really, that was my only complaint.

Ok, well maybe not the only complaint. I didn't love the kitchen. And I had never seen pocket windows, and they needed to be opened. Really. Eventually someone else showed up to "check me in" and showed me how to open the windows and...the other really big problem...light the stove. I viewed the stove with mistrust and did not use it. I have a strict policy of not setting myself on fire or causing detonation while on vacation. Luckily, this hidden cabin with the beautiful view is right in the heart of Hot Springs. Five minutes from Wal-Mart and any food you could choose. This is my kind of location. And with a little power washing, a new stove, and some fresh air, this could be my idea of the perfect place to live!

Seriously, it's a great place for dogs, less expensive than similar cabins that will accept pets and really, the view from the deck...it's worth it!


Mundane Jane said...

By this time next year, I will totally be able to hook you up. Let me know when you start planning the next trip.

I promise, you won't have to paint anything while you're there.

Regina said...

Gorgeous - LOL about the spider webs. Hubby says "they are working to keep the other bugs away -leave them alone..."