Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good citizenship

So I know these pictures aren't new. If you've been around a while, you've already seen them, but they apply so I'm reusing them.
Last week after I made the drive back from Memphis staring at the hind end of big trucks in the dark, I was a little tired. I checked the mail as I walked in the house to discover...a lovely letter from the Saline county circuit court inviting me to come for some jury duty fun. It's interesting that I've lived there 3 years as a registered voter and have never been called...until I actually voted about 7 days before my letter went out. And it really didn't upset me all that much. I know lots of people who hate, hate, hate it, but I've only served one time and was lucky enough to sit on an exciting trial where the jury couldn't come to an agreement so I had all the fun with no guilt. I really felt like I was in an episode of LA Law (sorry, I don't have a more current law t.v. reference. My current shows reflect an obsession with weird science...either you have a fully frozen body turning up on the beach who quickly loses an eyelid or Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors is wrapped around a guy's heart from the inside because he got too close to the pattern or the residents drop the liver on the floor and the 5-second rule applies...someone, please, I'm begging you, save me from myself and remove the t.v. Please. I don't think I should be watching these shows.)

This time I'm in Saline county instead of Pulaski county so I think it will be even least the parking will be. Pulaski county jury duty means driving into downtown Little Rock, driving on one-way streets, and parking on the street at a meter...parallel-ly. I don't do parallel well.

Saline county...well, you still have one way streets (4 of them, all in a circle right around the courthouse) with parking on the street (the main street with nice un-parallel spots that you just drive into and reverse out of and no meters), but the whole town is probably 4 blocks by 4 blocks with the county courthouse smack dab in the middle.

Of course, on the other hand, from experience I'm betting that the cases will be doozies as well. We'll find out more about that in December.

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