Friday, November 21, 2008

Just say "No" to Drugs

Say "No" to drugs. Say "Yes" to puppies. I think this live video of Shiba Inupuppies is my new favorite drug. (And that means Mundane Jane is my supplier, but I don't blame her.) They do this a lot...snooze. But that's probably exactly what I need from them.

I need a puppy. I don't just want one. I need one. And if I wasn't a single parent already of the world's best dog, I'd get one. I had a dream last night that my beloved nearly-12-years-old Darcy was pregnant. And the ultrasound showed that she was going to have 3 puppies. And I was going to keep 2 and give one to Mary who needs a dog more than I do. Since Darcy has been unable to have puppies since she was 6 months old, I think this is the combination of petting a miniature Dachshund while my hair was cooking at the salon last night and watching Private Practice last night. But if she is having puppies, I'm excited. Confused, but excited.

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