Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maybe this will help

Instead of pulling the Lion among Men off the shelf, I decided to go for this one...a book about books. It seems like a wonderful idea. It is written by a critic so beware, but the 1001 are divided into moods, like if you're in the mood
for a Good Laugh
for a Good Cry
for a Wallow in a Slough of Despond (I didn't create that heading, but I think it's worthy of being a book title itself)
for Thrills
for Revenge

and so forth.

And each entry is rated according to Literary Merit, Provocative, Influential, Inspirational, Humorous, Brainy, Easy Reading, Page Turner, Challenging, Bathroom Book, Family Friendly, and Movie.

And the categories are interesting.

My last post, Wicked, is rated in the "to Misbehave" section, 3 out of 4 literary merit stars, and as provocative, inspirational, humorous, and a page turner.

So now I have my doubts about other ratings.
And I understand that anything rated Brainy or Challenging will be nearly incomprehensible to me.

And that's good to know. I like to know where I stand. Apparently, that's lower on the literary merit scale.

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