Monday, December 01, 2008

A little bit of cross stitch

As I am always late with birthday gifts, I usually try to spend some time thinking about what would make it good anyway. You know, if I were on time, I might not worry so much, but because I miss it by a month (or more), maybe it needs to be very good. And when I go handmade, I never feel like I quite hit it, but so far I've made 2 of these cross stitch needlebooks (but only managed to take pictures of one because I was so very, very late with the first one that I stayed up late into the night to meed my deadline and I never do well with cameras late into the night. The first one sorta looked like this one.) And I'm really enjoying my cross stitch. But I think by Christmas, I'll be way over it. If you like the designs, you can find more of these at
Little House Needleworks.

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