Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Catching up

Since I didn't get a chance to post this weekend (too much walking because it was lovely spring weather so that when I did actually make it home, I just collapsed in the floor to moan for a while and I thought my dog might run away from home because she doesn't really want to walk that far either if she can help it but it was good for us anyway and how often do you get 3 whole days that beautiful in January anyway? I mean I actually had the windows up.) now I'm playing catch up.

Super Bowl...nope, didn't see it. Managed to catch half time. The end. I consider this to be one of the perks of controlling my own t.v. There aren't that many so I have to grab them when they arrive.

Ground Hog Day-I was going to post about P. Phil and his shadow but as I just got through mentioning our weekend spring break, I'm going to just accept that winter's probably not over and thank my lucky stars to be living here. Ask me again in August and I won't remember why anyone would want to live in Little Rock, AR, but now I totally get it.

Cooking in the Kitchen with Cheryl-I tried another "low calorie recipe for dummies" this weekend and it was pretty good. I like it better than the lasagna even though I had serious doubts about the whole "ground turkey" issue, particularly after I got it out of the package (ick. If I could just conquer my aversion to gross, raw food, I might make it as a cook someday). I carried on and made do with less (meat, enchilada sauce, tortillas) than I was supposed to and it still turned out fine. And then, in an unprecedented flash of inspiration/desperation, I made my own chips with a couple of leftover tortillas. I can't have chips in my house because I'd eat them all. Eat them all at one time.

I'm beginning to worry a little because this is unnatural. For me.

Here's the link (no, that's not my photo. Food photography is beyond me.):
Turkey Enchilada Casserole

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