Thursday, May 28, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Yesterday I got a phone call from the Saline County quilt guild. I know why. In a moment of weakness/overconfidence someone who works here asked me if we could come up with a speaker for the guild. And in the manner of all people who agree to things they think have a high probability of not happening, I said "Sure" because I thought it was do-able then and if I were in a guild, that would be the one as I'm a Saline County citizen and all.

Yesterday I got the call and in that moment of weakness/inability to say "no", I said I'd do it, picked the furthest month out, and then asked for details. These are quilters. They know way more about quilting than I do so quilting as a topic is out. And they average 65 people at the meeting. And that's about 60 more than my comfort level. So now I need a topic (currently, I believe it must be loosely based on quilt book publishing as that is something I know about that they don't but I'm certainly going to have to jazz it up somehow). I could do something on my areas of expertise like "Pop Songs of the 80s" or maybe "Too Much Information about Celebrities that You Don't Know and Don't Care About" or "What's On Television Tonight?" but I just don't know how well those will play.

Luckily, lots of things can happen before September, like I could become a public speaker or something. Unless someone on my team comes up with a killer idea, we're going to have to stick with building quilt books.

Uh, anybody got anything better? The clock is ticking...


Nancy said...

Talk about what you know best...Your Job! Talk about the celebrity quilters you work with, how they work, how to get a quilt into a magazine, how to get a book deal.... Take Freebies!! That always helps!! LOL

pat sloan said...

I can send you photo of goofy me you can share in a slide show... let's get Joan H. and others to send you some! Talk about our Ireland trip.. talk about your dog... just ramble and have someone show quilts while you talk

the quilts distract them.. they don't listen to you then!