Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to put it down

I wasn't on the deck of a sinking ship when I took this. My only explanation is that I believe I must be sitting like this all the time now. I can't muster the energy to fix it (or apparently to sit up straight so it's a good thing I'm at work) this morning so just tilt your head a little to the side to fully appreciate the wonder that is the near done-ness of this afghan.

I'm going to need to find a very small baby to fully appreciate this small afghan, but I can't face one more row of garter stitch.

It still needs a border. My options are garter stitch rows joined at the corners with a mattress stitch as prescribed in the project instructions. OR a knitted i-cord which I did not do the first time around but I believe is in my powers this time. OR the quickest of them all...a crocheted edging. I know...mixing genres. I'm not sure about it either. I'm going to set this aside and come back when I've had a little rest to make the decision. At this point, I'm ready to duct tape the edges and be finished. Silver edging would be nice, right?

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