Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, Hulu.

I was thinking about what I could post this week when I wandered in here an hour ago. And one thing leads to another and another and I end up at Hulu.

I know the aliens are eating my brain but I like it. I was going to get Season 1 of The Dresden Files set up for delivery through Netflix. First I did a search to be sure that there was only one season (why? why SciFi? why would you do that?) and there is. Only 1. But...the entire season is available on Hulu! I never watched Hulu, but I just watched Season 1, Episode 1 (which I have never seen. how is that possible?) on my computer. For free. That's good stuff.

I'm never leaving this place.

1 comment:

Mundane Jane said...

I just want to know how much I will have to pay you to watch all of LOST so I can talk at you about it.

Name your price, sister.