Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please stop me if I ever do this again

I have decided that I should never, ever, ever pick up the first in a series of books again. Like...never. I don't know if I've always had this compulsion to finish the story or not, but I have noticed a powerful urge to finish the few series that I've started lately, whether I love them or not. And I made a very. Bad. Mistake. this time around by picking up the first in the series of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. As I mentioned yesterday, I sort of just watched the show because, not out of a strong connection (but cute actors help). Then I read the first book and said "eh" with a shrug.

I don't even read books like this but I like Harry more and more, even as I despair over the situations he gets himself into. His girlfriend's a vampire, he's a war with vampires, local gangsters, his own people, and in this one, there are 30 demons after him to keep him from finding the stolen Shroud of Turin. While he fights a duel with a vampire. And hides from gangsters. And tries to save his girlfriend. And his friend, a Knight of the Cross. And avoid his faery godmother. (And as I read this, I realize why I'm hooked...I do like books/movies/shows with plenty of explosions.)

People, this is book 5. There are currently 11. I'm going to be doing this for a long time. And when I reach book 11, long before it's available in paperback, I'm sure, I'm going to be adrift...searching for my next fix. It's really very sad.

Stop me if I ever try this again.

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