Friday, May 08, 2009

Sneak Peek: Gooseberry Patch and Smirk

We're busy doing all kinds of books around here lately, so this time I'm showing off a little cross stitch and a little embroidery. Cross stitch was my foot in the crafting (and Leisure Arts) door and I've recently remembered why I used to beg my mother to take me to Wal-Mart to get floss (before I could drive myself because then she'd just hand me the keys and send me on my way. She was cool like that. And hated shopping.) Making Xs can be addictive.
We've been working with a new license, Smirk by Kyla May, and we have 2 of 3 leaflets completed. The first was cross stitch and this is a picture of me holding the printed copy in my hot hand (and also a mess on my desk, but that's pretty normal). The title: Just Between Friends in Cross Stitch. The projects: quick, fun to stitch little pieces perfect for gifts for your girlfriends like the tote or key chains or tags or coasters...there are lots of choices here. #4767, $7.95, available soon-ish (once I have the printed copy it's pretty soon-ish available no matter what the original availability was.)

Also in Smirk is Stitch it With A Smirk, embroidery designs with a little of the Smirk sass. As you can see from the front and back covers, this is another one of those books with a wide variety of projects. The embroidery also features fabric applique and finishing some of the projects requires some simple sewing. There's a very, very cute apron included that somehow did not make the cover (how did that happen?). If the passwords are working, maybe I'll track down a photo of that to show off as well. #4769, $9.95, available August (or sooner?).

Another license and another embroidery book, this one by Gooseberry Patch, has more super cute projects. If sassy sayings aren't your thing and you prefer a little more farmhouse feel, you're going to like this one. More fabric applique and embroidery to create fun projects. I need the towels on the front cover. And the bonus with this one is that it's so pretty to look at that it's OK if you buy it and never make anything out of it. I give you permission. #4730, $11.95, available July.

And I know I have nothing to do with crochet any more, but I still like to see all the stuff coming through. And this one's been cooking for a while so I've had a close encounter with it and I know people who might like to see how it turned out. So there. 19 fun projects...the photos speak for themselves, right? I currently own a hamburger hat. #4547, $10.95, available July.

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