Thursday, May 07, 2009

You don't watch? Why?

OK, I really wasn't going to do this. I understand that there are people who don't watch American Idol. I mean, I know that they don't watch it. I don't understand it. And there are visitors here from all around the world who probably have zero interest in who's going to win it all. (Please come back tomorrow. I have more Leisure Arts sneak peeks lined up. Really. Or some other story about nothing much, but no more American Idol. I promise.)

But...if you live in the general area of anywhere-near-the-state-borders of Arkansas, you probably heard a universal "whoop" last night. The whole place is Kris Allen crazy. He's from just up the road a piece (pride of Conway, Arkansas) and everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows Kris and all accounts are positive. How can we not root for him to win? And now the radio and t.v. stations are going nuts. Nuts, I tell you!

He's going to be here in Little Rock and home in Conway tomorrow. And the truly dedicated workers like me (although if anyone who works for me wanted to go and take a picture for me, I'd totally be in favor of an unplanned vacation day...just sayin') are going to miss it all (except via every channel for the next 48 hours and the highlights next week on Idol). I had to post about American Idol today. It's big news around here. And the results show rescued me from the depths after Tuesday's show. I hated it all except this duet. And last night, I trembled in fear that Danny was going to go because 1. he's my favorite. I'm a sucker for a story, gravel, and Robert Downey Jr. lookalikes and 2. I was scared to death he was going to sing that song again and bring the entire stage crashing down with a primal scream.

I was greatly relieved that it didn't turn out that way. And then Alison was such a pro and class act saying goodbye. I was really impressed.

Why can't they all stay? We could just call it American IdolS. I'd be OK with that.


Mundane Jane said...

Oh, how I hated the Screaming Rock show--especially the Gokey screechy thing.

I'm not working and could go to the big Kris Allen blowout across campus and/or the parade, but considering how much I hate people and how many are going to be there...

BUT--my friends are actively trying to talk me into it. If I do go, I'll try and get you a picture.

Anonymous said...

Video's already been yanked.