Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sneak Peek: Mumm Homecomings, Pat's Seasons Book 2, and Lots of Dots

First sneak peek (a few hours late, but I've been a little busy. Seriously. And I don't have swine flu (I haven't kissed a pig lately), but I haven't been myself lately. I think I'm going to live. Staying away from really sick people has helped a lot today. I'm pretty sure most of my illness is in my head. No comments, please.)

First Quilt publication:
Quilt the Seasons, Book 2 by Pat Sloan.
14 fun and fabulous designs, at least one for each month. Whether you like small, quick projects like pieced table runners, fun stuff like snowmen wall hangings, or heirloom floral wreaths like the cover quilt, here's something for everyone in this collection. Really!
#4738, $14.95, should be available just any time now...look for it!

Sorry this one looks a little different (it's a true sneak peek into the the pros do it), but this is the newest soft cover book from Debbie Mumm. As always, 96 pages filled with great projects (40 total) and Debbie's great artwork on every page. With Pat and Debbie together you can deck all your halls, no matter the season! Debbie's book has lots of different crafts included, too, so if you love a little paint with your sewing, check this one out!
#4734, $19.95, should also be available soon-ish!

OK, now this one really is a sneak peek. Available in July, Lots of Dots is a fun book by Bonnie Olaveson at Cotton Way. We love to see Bonnie's quilts come in because she uses great fabrics and all of these designs are "dotted" with fun. They're all circles. Get it? This is why they don't let me write editorial copy. Or any copy, really. That's OK.
#4812, $14.95.

Since it's not so easy to hunt these things up, I've got a few more for tomorrow: embroidery, cross stitch, and a special treat for my friend MJ, who probably does not remember all that she's missing.

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