Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gotta be done

This is a picture of my desk, right now at this minute. This is the in-progress picture because I spent part of my lunch clearing the brown that you can see around the keyboard.

I have 2 choices.
1. Stop and pile. I have no idea what's here, but I'm certain it's all critically important, needs to be done right now, and people are waiting.
2. Set it on fire and begin anew.

I'm actually sorta leaning towards the second option, but I think there's good stuff under there somewhere. I know I've got a list of designers waiting to hear something, anything from me. And then these people, the ones who work here, put more stuff, probably also important, on top of the first layer of important stuff. I gotta fix that. I try to work on the FIFO system.

All I have to say is...I'm working on it. Seriously.


pat sloan said...

did I see mine... bottom right ... mmm... thursday I'm working on another project.. so mine can wait a few days.. if you wait longer you can wait until the first week in Aug when I"m back from 2 events!

Anonymous said...

What's the FIFO system? I'm intrigued!

Mundane Jane said...

Not so soft and cozy now.