Thursday, July 16, 2009

More of Cheryl's time-tested organizational mastery

No, this isn't technically my computer monitor with my notes stuck in a scatter pattern to it, but this is my method of remembering the things I'm afraid I'll forget.

If I could only post my passwords in such a manner, I could solve most of my work angst with one system, but that would sorta defeat the purpose. I guess.

My desk is better. My brain...still disordered. If you are a designer or co-worker waiting for something from me...uh, I'm on it! Just as soon as I remember which file pile it's in, I am so there.

Question: what's FIFO?
A. a business-y/accounting-like term, usually regarding inventory and valuation...First In, First Out.
B. a way to order multiple requests, much the same as entering the cue for calls at your bank after you have lost your debit card and must wait for all the others who have lost whatsits or can't remember their whosits to finish their business before you may breathe easily again.
C. An alternative to systems like LIFO (another accounting method...last in, first out...a good way to order your work day if you can swing it) or what I like to call the "box of chocolates" method (I totally made this one up. I do that.) wherein you pick out what you want to do and then leave the rest of it for someone else. I haven't actually tried that one but I think it's a good one, unless you're the second person to get the box.
D. One of the few nuggets I retain from the MBA years.
E. All of the above.

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