Monday, August 31, 2009

Best intentions

I'm not sure why I even make to-do lists for my weekends anymore. They're usually highly informal, maybe only a list of excited thoughts on Friday afternoon of all the things I can do with two days away from here. Those things just don't get done. This morning I am supposed to have a spotless house and cleared laundry baskets. I was also supposed to begin laying in supplies for my trip to Hot Springs next week. It takes a lot of supplies for us. Here's what I did actually accomplish:

1. I washed the dishes and cleared the countertops in my kitchen. This was fairly big. This morning the radio personality mentioned that she had a problem with clutter but you could eat from her toilets. I have a problem with clutter too. And I'm only going to vouch for the food-safety of my plates, pots, pans, and silverware. Don't try eating out of the toilets.
2. I went to the library to stock up on free books. I'm sure I'll need a post and I'll publish my vacation reading list, but it's still early yet.
3. Then I read one of the above books which sort of defeats the purpose.
4. I managed to make it into Petco to get Darcy's way expensive food and leave again without any new baby animals. It was not easy. The cashier, a young man who was really old enough to know better, was just sure I needed a hamster for my kids or grandkids. I left without hitting him but it was very, very close.
5. I wrote. I don't know why or how it happens, but it's usually tied to large piles of dirty clothes awaiting my attention. I finished up something for the Real Simple Life Lessons contest that I am going to win, just so that I can go to New York. I'm just sure of it. I don't think I can show it to you because now it belongs to Real Simple. This alarms some writers out there on the internets. I just shrug. It's not like owning it helps me much at this point. And then I started working on contest entries for the next conference coming up. Those I could show you. But not yet.

So today I have a dirty house with clean counters, a large stack of books but no groceries, and three partial contest entries. I also managed to watch endless episodes of House Hunters.

Not a bad weekend.

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pat sloan said...

I LOVE reading your posts!!!! And why didn't you get Darcy a Hamster? Inquiring minds want to know!