Thursday, August 06, 2009

Does this shirt go with these pants?

I may be the only person in the world who searches "lack of interest in choosing work ensembles" as a symptom of whatever is ailing me, but I have it. I stand in my closet and I am stumped. I wear clothes to work that are chosen because I think I can handle the level of annoyance that comes with that particular shirt/pants combo on that particular day. Style? Nah. Comfort, please. In my next job, I want to wear pajamas to work.

On a separate but related note, at lunch today, I was searching for places to take my dog for vacation in our local tourist hot spot Hot Springs and somehow managed to land on a pet spa in some other Hot Springs place that was "clothing optional" and not just for the dogs. The owners had a photo posted wherein they opted for the "no clothes" look. And it's difficult enough to find a really pet friendly place (because even though black is slimming, she can't pass for less than 30 pounds and I don't really care that the Village has really nice kennels just outside the gates, that is very unhelpful and a waste of email to me and my dog is much better behaved than most children and so I should be able to keep her with me instead of in a cage and...this is not the point) that I considered it for a minute, but the world isn't quite ready for me to be clothing optional. No matter my disgust for current work choices, I continue to opt to put something on even if it looks like it's a half-hearted effort. It is. And Darcy's pretty uncomfortable without her collar, so I'm sticking with clothing-required (or loosely enforced) choices anyway.


Anonymous said...

Great post! And I totally agree about the dog issues! My dog is SOOOOO much better than most children...and cleaner too! If you find any good places, let me know! :)
And Darcy's more comfortable with her collar ON? Tango loves running in the nude!

Mundane Jane said...

If you promise that your dog won't eat my cat, I'll take you both to the luxury family condo compound. There's a 24-hr PJ dresscode.