Monday, August 03, 2009

This thing with all the dust? That's a sewing machine

I actually forced myself to sit down to sew this weekend instead of feeling guilty because I felt like I should be sewing. It was a liberating experience! I used my rotary cutter and everything. And...I still have all 10 fingers. Yay, me! Since I'm not buying fabric this year (except when I go to a local quilt show, see something that is so not typically me and decide that I gotta buy it because you only live once and who knows when that fabric is coming around again and "oh, look, I found it cheaper at this vendor across the room so now I really should buy it because the universe wants me to"), I had to pull things from my fabric stash to do it. And this is a very good thing. It's a gift for someone. I don't think she reads the blog. Blogs don't seem to be her kinda thing. Nobody tell her, OK?

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