Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goodbye, entire day of my life

I mentioned that, while I was hanging by the lake, I watched the first season of Lost. If you haven't watched it or just don't remember, that required a commitment of time that I have rarely given any other project in my life: 25 episodes.

And as I've mentioned before, it's nearly impossible for me to stop once I'm in the middle of a story. Probably at any point before episode 24, I could have gladly stopped this story, but I borrowed these from a friend, I had nothing better to do, et cetera, et cetera, so I watched them all.

I know one reason why I couldn't get this way back in the first season: no fast forward button.
I'm enjoying season 2, which I'm firmly in the middle of now, much better thanks to fast forward.

Creepy music and running through the jungle. Again. Fast forward.
Creepy music and exploring a hatch with a handy, dandy flashlight. Again. Fast forward.
Creepy music and unexplained person. Again. Fast forward.
Creepy music and a criminal act requiring beating, punching, choking, hooding, and/or shooting. Again. Fast forward.

Once I cut out all the parts I've already seen more than once, the story gets better. To be fair, if I hadn't watched 25 hours in a row, I might have wanted to see more jungle, hatch, new people, and beatings.

I've learned all kinds of lessons from Lost. I'll share those some other day (when I don't have anything else to blog about. Probably tomorrow.) but I will say I'll never look at flying the same way again.

I'm headed to Houston next month and I'll spend the whole time wondering who's a con man, an unlucky lottery winner, and collectively how many people those in my section have killed already. I'm going to ask to sit next to either the surgeon or the regional manager for the box company. Unless Sawyer is on the plane. Then I'm totally next to him. I may not have enough money for the long con but he's welcome to give it a shot.

If you'd like to find out which character you are, you can give this quiz a try. Here are my results, but I'm thinking anyone with a Southern accent might get the same answer. I haven't tried stealing things for no reason. Maybe I should because apparently, I would like it.

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