Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thank goodness it's over...that's what I said to myself as I drove the short 10 minutes home last night from the Benton Senior Activity Center after speaking to the Saline County Quilt Guild.

Attendance: 64 very nice quilters. And me. And a stage. And a microphone. I think I would have been better without the last piece, but you do what you gotta do.

I think it's clear I'm no public speaker, but quilters love quilts and I had some of those. And it was great to hear what they loved the most. Maybe we should make more of those?

I met a nice new quilter named...Cheryl. And I know she spells it correctly because I asked. I do that when I meet Cheryls. And I think I managed not to embarrass myself or Leisure Arts. These were my main goals, so no matter what else happened, I consider that a success.

The photo is clearly not from last night. You can tell because...the sun is shining and all. The photo comes from Google maps. You can see everything at street view, even your house. Or mine. Somebody needs to mow my lawn (or they did the day they took the photo. And also probably still today.)

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