Monday, November 02, 2009

High places

This weekend I had the chance to drive up to Petit Jean State Park (hang a left at Morrilton and then a right at Oppelo. I think that's what I did. Thank goodness for Google maps.) for a retreat with the women's ministry that I work with. And this was the cabin. It was a welcome sight late afternoon Friday. Of course, having the doors open would have been a welcome sight too, but I had to wait for that. To take my mind off the pressing matter that was becoming more pressing with every passing second, thanks to my required Route 44 stop, I explored a little with my iPhone camera.

The back is a screened-in porch with the view of the last picture, complete with swing and rocking chairs. This would have been a good place for some knitting. I didn't do any, but it would have been an excellent place to sit and knit and listen to cows call each other and watch the leaves fall. And there needs to be a black dog snorzing at my feet. ('s what she does, a solid snooze with sound accompaniment, and it's a happy, comfortable sound.) Instead, it was several women, plans to make, and no dogs allowed.

I want to go back and try it my way.

I think I say this every year but now is the time to visit Arkansas.

Leave me a comment to enter this fabulous prize giveaway. Just click "comments" and then enter your favorite place to get away.  Someday I want to have a house with a view of something other than my neighbors roof. I thought lake, but maybe it's mountain instead.

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SSK* said...

Totally love where I am living now, but boy do we ALL miss the CLEAN Arkansas lakes, Greer's Ferry in particular!! ::sigh::