Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dyeing with Sharpies

So I went for the full "Quilt Market experience" this year and trotted down (by getting on the bus) to the convention center an hour early for Take and Teach classes. I took two, a dimensional piecing class using a new Clover tool, and this one: dyeing with Sharpies.

This is my kind of class, sort of like the arts and crafts classes at vacation Bible school. Anybody can do it, but some people are really good.

The best thing about this is that it's inexpensive to play with markers. The scarf comes from Dharma Trading, the Sharpies and alcohol from Wal-Mart (or your favorite sell-it-all-in-place stop). You have to supply the talent. This is my problem. I got excited for one single minute thinking about how easy these would be to make and give as gifts. And then I remembered...I don't have the artistic talent. Plus, I end up with Sharpie from fingernail to nose and it takes a while for that stuff to wear off. Believe me. I know.

I'm not sure how colorfast this ever gets either. I've handwashed and dried mine and still get a little pink from handling. So I won't be making and giving as gifts, but if you need a quick, fun kid's class, this one entertained me. Just stock up on the rubber gloves before you begin.

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