Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When blog stars (like PW) come to town

Somehow Little Rock has made it on The Pioneer Woman's Griswold-style book tour to promote her new cookbook. And not just anywhere in Little Rock, but a hop, skip, and jump a mile down the road to the nearest Wal-Marts (that's how you might say it around here).

There are good reasons for me not to go.
1. I don't cook. I don't want to cook. I don't need a cookbook, even if it is a funny cookbook with cute dog pictures in it (that's probably enough to convince me that I do need just about anything...the dog pictures).
2. I secretly wonder if someday I might be living in a place where the cows are in the yard and the nearest Wal-Marts is many, many miles away. There's a place like that in my family. I might actually sort of have a piece of a part of a little bit of land like that. It has cows on it. And a dirt road. And no trash pick-up (and we all know how I feel about that). But it would hold a lot of dogs, and if people don't stop sending me picture of their precious puppies, I'm totally going to cave and get one and then Darcy will run away from home and I'll have to move to a place with more land and room for another queen size pillow top bed to accomodate her and it'll be a brand new version of Green Acres. But I digress.

So I wasn't really planning on going, thinking the crowds would be too much for (we all know how I feel about crowds too). But then I checked the price of the book on Amazon (and really, it isn't a bad price...$14 and change) and then I thought of all the unfortunate souls who live in places that might not be stops on the tour. And I read her blog so it would be nice to see the real person.

And then I thought it might be post on the blog, say Tuesday-ish. So I think I'll go.

And because I'm still nursing this giveaway along, I want to know what you'd ask Pioneer Woman if you had the chance. I'm not saying I'll ask her or anything. But I might. Or I might find a braver friend who will ask and I'll report the answer. That's sorta how I work. I'll be tongue-tied and such.

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Regina said...

I posted my question on the giveaway post - but want to know how she manages to photograph herself in action shots of cooking/etc... I have tried and just can't do it without having an ER on standby.