Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, mitten.

I would just like to point out to everyone who thought it couldn't be done (mainly me) that I have officially knit a mitten. It has a thumb and everything! And look...two colors! How great is that?

One mitten. Only the one. It'll be a little awkward to make a gift of a single mitten but I am fairly sure I'll never be able to make a matching set. The thrill may be gone, gone with a singular mitten. We'll see.

I think "oh, mitten" might make a pretty good not-really-a-curse-word-but-suitable-to-express-strong-feelings interjection.

Or maybe "oh, holey mitten" or...what do you think? Got a better suggestion?
I need to make this mitten good for something after all.

And I'd just like to ask...what has happened to the photography on this little blog? I used to be all about some good lighting, and some propping and a smidge of the art of the photo. Now it's all just "put me down and shoot me". Or something.

No wonder Darcy won't even come outside anymore.

1 comment:

JustCindy said...

Put a hanger on it and put it on your tree!