Thursday, November 12, 2009

Separation anxiety

Yesterday I dropped my car off at the place to get the new bumper and then hitched a ride over to the rental place to pick up replacement transportation. I was pretty comfortable with the idea until I signed in triplicate and initialed roughly 19 spots on the form. I solemnly signed, initialed, and promised to bring back the white Kia Something-or-other in the same condition that they loaned it to me.

So I climbed in and tried to move the seat up so that I was no longer trying to drive from the back seat. Didn't move. Clearly, I will need to work on this when I am not actually sitting in the seat.

And I cautiously pulled out into traffic and gave it some gas, gas, gas to get it going (but once it goes, it goes!). I made it safely back to work (via Sonic where I felt a Route 44 Diet Coke would help settle my nerves) where I parked it far away, hoping to avoid scrapes, dings, scuffs, and aggressive birds if possible.

Then I plotted the best way to get it back home and safely in the garage. My normal commute takes me through one of the worst bottlenecks at around 5:00. To avoid it, I either need to leave at 3 or at 6. Clearly, the best idea is to stay at work until the bottleneck clears. Then I realized what I was saying...stay at work? So I decided to drive extra specially carefully on the way home and take the back way. After I figured out how to turn on the lights and off the heat. I cautiously (for me) zipped and turned my way home (after  I noticed an entirely new luxe house on the way home. How have I missed that? Maybe I really do need to slow down a little.)

This morning's commute was another experience. It's normally a place where you elbow, change lanes and jockey for position (like checking out on the day after Thanksgiving) and I did so. I made it here just fine.

Now I'm anxiously awaiting the call that says my new bumpered car is ready for me to have. The scratches and dings it already has mean I can park in my normal places and go to the grocery store. It's a good thing.

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Mary said...

Was that picture taken today? Wow, look at all the GREEN leaves on the trees! Our trees are bare way up here in the north (WI) and it's cold. OH, and thanks for the goodie bag, it arrived today! :)