Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally, a bracket I can understand

Do you watch enough television? I think you should be able to tell once you take a look at this bracket set up at Show Patrol. I had a hard time picking...some of the matchups are tough. Sue Sylvester, Dwight Schrute, Neal Caffrey...those were easy enough. The most difficult ones for me:
Because seriously, Burn Notice is the Best. Show. (not currently) On. Television. Things blow up, there are car chases, actors who don't have shows but you love anyway show up as bad guys, and then there's Sam. It's good, is what I'm saying. But Casey...I think he might be able to take Michael one-on-one. It would be close and difficult to watch but impossible to look away from. (Fiona is going to pummel Sarah and then run over in her car, though, that one I know...why don't we vote on that one?)

And this one:
Gus is beating Patrick Jane? I love it! And while I love both shows, I'm going to go with the fake psychic Shawn on Psych over fake psychic Jane on the Mentalist. Gus and Shawn, his dad Henry (Corbin Bernsen), Laugh out loud funny, two thumbs up, etc. etc. and Ally Sheedy as a serial killer (remember the Breakfast Club post?? I watch too much television.), Psych is a great show. Gus vs. Cho would have been a harder call for me. Or Gus vs. Simon Baker as an Australian...that would have been really difficult.

Who do you think will win it all? It looks like the Sweet 16 is next week.

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