Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I blame Pioneer Woman, Part Deux

You know, it's a good thing other people have things happening because there's been zero action around my house lately. And that's OK. I think it would just be something breaking if things got more exciting and who needs that?

So what is up with this post? Yesterday, it was John Hughes films and The Breakfast Club, an influential film of my youth, where I learned that it's good to be bad but I would always be afraid to try it. Today...well, I've been thinking since Pioneer Woman posted the bit about Reese Witherspoon being rumored to play her in Black Heels, the movie.

My first thought: "Wow, look what a blog can do." And then I take a look at my blog, and the traffic I get and my second thought is: "Maybe I ought to retire from the field." Maybe I'll move to the country to see what sort of hijinks I can come up with. Probably not. Benton's close enough for me.

So then the next thought was "In the movie of your life, who would play you?" I couldn't come up with a great answer. My first thought was Queen Latifah because I think we might be able to trade clothes. Is that a good reason? No? OK, what about Niecy Nash? She's my new hero after I watched her on Dancing with the Stars last night (and seriously, I think there should be an age limit on that show...national heroes should not be dancing the cha cha on t.v. at 80...just my opinion but I liked Buzz Aldrin better before he wore the shiny satin). Clearly, that would require some serious acting on both of their parts, so then I thought maybe Renee Zellweger could go all Bridget Jones for the role of a lifetime and gain 30 pounds or so (a month for a few months) to play me, except no British accent. She could probably also do Arkansan, right?

And then I stopped thinking. Clearly, there's no rush to come up with an answer and I need the brain space for stuff like remembering my cell phone and keeping up with a jillion passwords. If you have the perfect person to play you in the movie of your life, leave me a comment. I'd love to hear it!

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