Friday, April 16, 2010


I've lost track of how many Twitter conversations I've had this week, many of them of the "why would I want to twitter?" variety. I have determined that tweeting works for me because I think in 140 characters. And that's about as much conversation as I can follow without resetting my brain. And's addictive. Plus, I can post my random clever thoughts immediately instead of saving them up and then trying to force them into conversation, you know? And notice how they come days or weeks apart? It doesn't happen often is what I am saying.

I most like to check the Twitter when Lost is on. I can either catch what I missed or feel superior because I caught something someone else I've never met has missed. It's a good thing. When I tweeted my Lost reactions, I learned that it concerns the non-Lost followers. On the Desmond episode, I had someone who hasn't seen a single Lost ask me "So what happened on Lost?" the next day. Dumbfounded, that was me. Where to even begin? Well it was Desmond and Charlie and then they crashed in the water and then his hand said "Not Penny's boat" and then...I don't understand all of what's happening and I've seen every episode. It must be like speaking Swahili to the non-Lost. So I didn't tweet it this week.

It would have looked something like:
Goodbye, Ilana. Clearly your training has failed you. No one told you not to drop the dynamite?

Or maybe
Ilana-plosion...yeah! (because the high school teacher's explosion has been the funniest, most favorite scene so far and this is a close second.)

Or maybe
I Heart Desmond. The end.

Followed quickly by
Nooooo, Desmond, don't trust that John Locke! And there he goes, down the hatch/well head first.

No one was frightened by my Lost tweets, but then Mundane Jane missed me so that's nice.

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Mundane Jane said...

Every single Wednesday morning I ask my class, "So didja see LOST last night?"

Only a couple students actually watch. But there's always that one kid who asks, "What's that show about anyway?"