Friday, April 30, 2010

Missed knitting opportunity

We had a baby shower here this week and there were some really great knit and crochet gifts and I thought to myself, "Oh, yeah, I could have done something like that."

I'm like that sometimes. I'm like that a lot lately it seems. I like to knit.  I like to knit baby things (because they are small so I can finish them but people are actually impressed when you make a sweater in miniature, particularly people who don't knit like the person who's having this baby) but it just really didn't pop into my mind that here is a perfect opportunity until I am sitting at the shower.

And here's where the crazy kicks in: I start to ponder how long it might actually take to make a baby something because maybe there's still time...

At the rate I knit, there is not still time. That ship sailed months ago. And then I think about this sweater that I have knit already. All the pieces are done but I have to sew it all together. I hate that part. My knitting looks so nice until I have to put the the pieces together. And I don't think it's the right color. And then there's the blanket that I've knit, just for the heck of it. I think it needs an i-cord edge to be finished...but I'm not sure it's right either.

I love the sweaters in Lacy Baby and I have some very pretty yarn that would work for this person. And I've knit one of these before so I could probably do it easily...but still not very quickly. And I've been wanting to make the cover sweater from Lace and Leaves...wonder how quick it is? Hmmm.

So I've decided nothing. But in the wide open spaces of my house which I plan to leave only to get food this weekend, all sorts of inspiration might pop up.

And because there's at least one person watching my progress...yes, I did walk a mile and a bit on the (stupid stinking) treadmill last night. I don't even know what to call 4 nights in a row.

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