Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Extra time

Three day weekends are great, aren't they? Friday afternoon, I could have turned cartwheels. I used to be able to do that. I think I would crush my elbows and break my brain if I tried it now, so I just thought about it. All weekend long, I felt like I should go somewhere and do something. I didn't. And I felt OK about that too. Friday I laid in supplies--I baked, people. It was a mix, but still. I did not clean my house. I did not improve my yard. I thought about doing both of those things too. Instead, I wrote 50 pages and a short little newsletter thing. And I watched movies.

The best of the movies was Up, available through Netflix Watch Instantly right now. I was worried in the beginning because it was sad, but then Doug the talking dog showed up and I was all in love again. There are all kinds of lessons: it's never too late to have an adventure, adventures aren't always what you think they will be, Kevin is not the best name for a bird. Stuff like that.

Then I took another chance on a Watch Instantly, this one's older. And Harrison Ford has slipped into grumpy old man territory. It sounds a little like Han Solo with a lot of prescriptions. Still, there are some fairly big names: Gladys Knight with a bit part, Isaiah Washington as bad guy, Bruce Greenwood, Master P (who I first met on Dancing with the Stars) and Dwight Yoakum (who should always wear a hat. With a hat, a slight cool factor. Without a hat, weaselly. He looks a little like an insurance adjustor named Melvin. Not that there's anything wrong with that unless you could be Dwight Yoakum if you were only wearing a cowboy hat.) The movie's just so-so. Lots of inside jokes that are about as funny as inside jokes normally are to the ones outside.

And then I watched Adventureland, mainly because it has Ryan Reynolds in it. Also, Kristen Stewart but if you've seen her as Bella, you've pretty much seen her as Em too. This one is completely skippable. I have to do a better job of minding the queue.

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