Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There were also books.

I was just sure that my hospital experience was going to be a piece of cake so I went prepared for leisure. I took a book and a magazine and was prepared to watch my favorite shows if I had to stay the night. It wasn't very leisurely at all. I read not one word (although I did check email because I have an iPhone/Twitter sickness) and I didn't turn on the television until 9 p.m. I tried to watch "In Plain Sight" while I sat on the side of the bed and ate my first food for the day (soup) and dozed in and out until I ate enough to take the blessed pills. What I am saying is: no books.

I didn't pick up a book until the sleeping stopped. That would have been about Sunday afternoon. Since then, I've read two. I picked them up from the library when I dashed through, desperate for something I thought might keep me entertained. I must have had a premonition about the Buffy lurking in my future. It's too bad I didn't have a premonition about needing those Little House books too.

First I read The Truth by Terry Pratchett. This is one of those Discworld books, a satiric look at how newspeople operate and their role in society (I think). As always, very funny, sly and clever. Plus, there's a talking dog. You know I'm in. The cover of my copy wasn't nearly as interesting as this one, though.

And then I read Wild Ride by Jennifer Cruisie and Bob Mayer. Here's the nutshell: five demons, the Untouchables, are contained and imprisoned by 5 members of the a run-down theme park. It's a little difficult to put my finger on what made this book so much fun to read, but I think it's the visuals: being attacked by demonic teddy bears and dolls from It's a Small World. I would say this is not my normal kind of book, but I've said that so much lately that I've lost track of what is.

I'm pretty sure when I take these back to the library, I'm going to see what's to be had in the Laura Ingalls Wilder line. I read them all, one after another, when I was a girl. Can they be as good as I remember?

Talking dogs, demons, and prairie stories in a single post. How many people do you know who'd try that? I would never have guessed Buffy was going to show up on this blog either. I hope that's what you'd call being "well read" (if you're being kind).

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