Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not natural

I cast on a hat last night just because someone told me I should. I think I should hurry and knit something because my skills are very, very rusty. I'm at the use it or lose it stage, but I know enough to think I should be able to knit it without having to seam it. That means circular needles. I couldn't find any except 29" long. That would be a large-ish hat and these are for children at Children's Hospital, not Mt. Rushmore. So instead, I pulled out my double pointed needles which I could find all over the place, probably because my last phase was a sock phase.

And I cast on a basic hat. The plan is ribbing for an inch or so and then some stockinette because my brain needs something easy. And someone didn't say it had to be a difficult hat. It's in variegated yarn. It will be fine.

And I felt like a monkey trying to tie his shoelaces or a bear playing the piano. The casting on was hard is what I'm saying. I had a hard time figuring out what hand should do what and where the yarn should be when I was ready to knit. A flat hat that had to be seamed would have been an easier choice. Now I've done the hard part (the remembering AND the first couple of rows), all I have to do is finish it.

And remember to take a photo. Sorry. But the upside is you can find all kinds of things on the internets. Who knew "bear playing piano" would actually turn up images? A gentle reminder that we should always be careful what we Google for.

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