Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reading the last page first

When I was surfing the Netflix, hunting up my next obsession/thing that keeps me from doing housework, I viewed and discarded a few t.v. shows. And before I entered into another relationship with a show, I got on the internets to find out how it ended. I like to know where we're going.

And I picked Angel. I didn't want to. I think I've reached my vampire saturation point, but when I found out that Spike lives on, returns from the wherever he went on Buffy, I had to. I mean, it's Spike. It's really unfortunate that Angel is on this show. I know! It's called "Angel" and everything, but I like him the least.

Here are reasons I keep watching:
1. Episode 1-Josh Holloway/Lost's Sawyer is a bit player, credited at "Handsome Young Vampire" or some such. He dies quickly, but it was still cool, you know?
2. Cordelia-I loved her the best (before Anya showed up) on Buffy. She's even better in LA, working for a living but still keeping enough of her "all about me" to tell it like it is. Or should be. I want to be Cordelia when I grow up. Currently (Season 2), she  has a fabulous haircut as well.
3. Wesley-every show should have a British accent (fake or no) and he fills that role.
4. Spike!
5. Christian Kane-as Lindsey the sometimes evil/maybe he can be redeemed/nope, he can't lawyer. Love him on Leverage and here he has such a sweet, baby, evil face. And he sings (after the evil law firm gets him an evil hand transplant to replace the one that Angel chopped off. Good, truthy story line is what this show is all about.)
6. Other stars: Jeremy Renner (who I know from the Unusuals) and Lost's Daniel Dae Kim (it's Jin, people!). Oh and also Bernard/Sam Anderson as Holland Manners who's really, really evil. It's a little Lost Before They Were Lost.

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