Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who's got a tent?

I think I need someone to camp out with me for the best seats for the first part of the last part of the Harry Potter movies.

First, I want to know why Hogwarts is on fire.

I did read the entire last book in a weekend if I remember correctly. Maybe I forgot the blazing castle part. It could happen. That much reading makes me woozy.

I have made it my life's work to re-read all the books. I've just reached the last one. If you were wondering why I haven't posted any books lately, it's mainly because of this. And also, when you read 3 pages and fall right to sleep, no matter time of day or night, it takes a while to get through Harry Potter.

And does it really end? Isn't that what epilogues are? The rest of the story?

Still, it's a cool poster. And also trailer.

Now that the weather's cooler, I think we should camp out in line for tickets. Who's with me? You bring the butterbeer and I'll bring the chocolate frogs. We can play Wizard's Chess while we wait (I am such a geek. It's OK. I've accepted it.)

So I'm the only one awaiting the release of Part 1 of Part 7? I was afraid that was how it would work.

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